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T.R.A.P Tray: Upgrade Your Cleaning

Posted by Cerus Team

T.R.A.P Tray: Upgrade Your Cleaning

At Cerus Gear we pride ourselves on making your firearm cleaning process mess-free and easy. For the last year, we have been working hard to take the next steps in the gun cleaning process. Having talked to our customers and wholesalers we have released the Cerus Gear T.R.A.P Tray.

The T.R.A.P Tray has 4 separate compartments to hold your parts to ensure they are right where you left them. We also included a compartment with a magnet so those small screws and pieces won’t roll away while you work on your firearms!

The gun cleaning tray has a built-in lip that will fit underneath our mats or whatever you use to clean for a seamless transition from mat to tray. Just like our mats, the T.R.A.P Tray is made of silicone so that it is oil and solvent resistant.

With the size coming in at 12”x4”x1” it fits perfectly is most range bags and stores very easily. Just like the rest of our products, it comes with a lifetime warranty that we will stand behind. To be completely transparent we did our best to have these trays made in the USA but when it came down to it we simply could not get the cost down far enough to ensure our customers would be satisfied. The tray is 100% designed here in the USA and made with high quality materials!

Our goal is to revolutionize the gun cleaning experience and the T.R.A.P Tray is the next step in that direction! We are excited to launch these and look forward to hearing your reviews! So get yours today and change the way you clean!