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About Us

At Cerus Gear we are the shooter in the range lane next to you, the customer buying cases of 556 NATO behind you at the gunshow, and a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment and NRA. WE are you! Common Americans who love our weapons and the home of the brave which we live.    

Cerus Gear,LLC. was created and launched to share our passion for firearms, high quality shooting gear and to help our friends and family to be ready for anything. This passion for excellence in our products spills into our customer support, service to our tribe, and dedication to our employees. Cerus Gear specializes in creating innovative systems which promote gun safety, skill building and gun maintenance, “a clean gun is a safe and accurate gun”.

Our focus……

    • Innovation: We strive to innovate and are always looking for new technology and ways to implement new ideas.
    • Experience: “With over 40 years of experience in the firearms industry, we understand the rich history of the shooting sports and strive to provide our customers with cutting edge, quality, and customer friendly products.
    • Educational: Our products are not only instructional, but fun to use and make you a better shooter in the process.
    • Quality: We are committed to create, source/sell products and gear that meets our highest quality standards.  
    • Relationship: We are in business because of you, our customers. We take our relationship seriously and value it. We are always open to new ideas or feedback and strive for a mutual, beneficial partnership. 

If you have great product ideas, need additional service, or just want to chat about the industry, we invite you to contact us.

Your partner in the firearm industry,

The Cerus Team