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Sig Sauer P365 Build

Posted by Cerus Team

Sig Sauer P365 Build

The Sig Sauer P365 series of guns has quickly become a favorite for concealed carry and home defense. Offering up to 17rds of 9mm in a small and compact package. It can compete with some full-sized guns and is still extremely comfortable to carry. In today's blog, we will be breaking down one of our employees' P365XL build and share with you why he chose the accessories that he did!

This build is something that you can build straight from their website if you so desire. It has the standard P365XL barrel and slide that is cut for a red dot. The grip is not the standard P365XL grip. This is their P365XL DH3 Grip Module, which was designed by Daniel Horner, a professional competitive shooter. It really grips your hands and ensures that you have the most control possible while shooting. The downside to this grip is that it can be aggressive when you carry it, especially on bare skin. He also isn’t a huge fan of the beaver tail as it can dig into your gut when you bend over. So you have to decide what is more important, comfort or shooting ability. It is still more comfortable than a full-size gun and that is not up for debate. 

This P365XL also has a Holosun 407k on it. A great dot that was designed for small framed guns. Red dots are the way of the future and are proving that they are just as reliable as iron sights. In our opinion, they make the shooting process easier as well because you do not have to align 2 different sights essentially. 

Lastly, this P365 is holstered in a BlackArch holster. This is their Entrada Holster. A great holster at a great price and comes standard with the extra mag carrier. We love that it has some flexibility to help with EDC and make the carrying experience just a little easier. Plus they are our friends, and here locally!

There are a few things that he would change or add if he could. He wants to change out the Holosun 407k for their new EPS carry because he likes the idea of having a closed emitter. He also wants to add a TLR-7sub weapon light with the tactical development proledge. This is so he can see at night and also have more recoil control. If you have a P365 series you should go check out tactical development and check out their line of products. They are really thinking outside of the box when it comes to how to make the P365 an even better firearm for EDC.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and if you want to pick up a P365, P365XL, or P365X-Macro mat then use the code 365 to save 25% and keep one of the best EDCs ready for any occasion.