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Gun Cleaner: CLP vs. Standard Cleaner Comparison

Posted by Cerus Team

Gun Cleaner: CLP vs. Standard Cleaner Comparison

CLP VS Standard Cleaners

So why should you choose CLP (Cleaner, Lubricator, Preservative) over a standard gun solvent or Oil such as our Bore Cleaner, Water Shield, and Gun Oil? Well, there is not an end-all when it comes to cleaning your firearms. It will come down to personal preference but we are here to help make you make an informed decision as we compare CLP and standard gun cleaners.

CLP was originally made by the government for the military. It is one bottle that does everything you need it to do. As the name means; it cleans, lubricates, and preserves your handgun without having to use different bottles of solvents and oils. 

Our CLP is a relatively thick consistency, almost that of olive oil. If you are used to our cleaners or competitor cleaners you are used to a thinner solvent and oil. The best way to use a CLP is with the help of a toothbrush. Apply it directly to your parts and scrub it down to get the best results. Freedom Lube CLP gun cleaner. applying to a sig 320Both a CLP and a standard gun solvent will clean your gun to a high level. We love CLP in a range bag because it doesn’t take up a lot of room and one bottle will get the job done. If we are looking to go for a very detailed clean then we will use our Bore Cleaner, Water Shield, and Gun Oil. 

Gun Oil Bore Cleaner Water shield to clean and protect your firearm

One of the biggest differences between a standard gun solvent and a CLP is the ability to work in adverse conditions. CLP has a track record for working in hot or cold climates because it does not get gummy. This means that it won’t freeze up like standard gun oils and solvents. Now you can find higher-end oils and solvents that don’t have this problem but it is going to cost you more. 

One thing to understand is that CLP will leave a slight film on your parts after you are done cleaning them but we still recommend putting a little bit more on those high friction places. If you are looking to make the switch it will take some time to get a feeling of how to use CLP. The best piece of advice that we can give is to treat it like your standard cleaner for cleaning, and for oiling, add just a little to those high friction spots as we mentioned before.

All in all, how you clean your gun is up to you. The most important thing is that you understand how to maintain your firearms. Maintenance is key for your firearms and contrary to what the internet may say, having a dirty gun doesn’t make you cool. So make sure to grab a cleaning mat and the cleaner of your choice today!