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Do I Need a Gun Cleaning Mat?

Posted by Cerus Team

Do I Need a Gun Cleaning Mat?

Do you need to buy a gun cleaning mat?

What is the purpose of a gun cleaning mat? Well simply put it provides you with a workplace that protects the surface underneath the mat. Whether you are a new gun owner or you have been a gun owner since the day you were born, a gun cleaning mat can still be beneficial. In this article we will be going over the benefits of a Cerus Gear mat and what that means for you. 

We started this company to provide gun owners with a detailed design of their firearms. This would lead to a deeper understanding of their weapon and a deeper appreciation for the Second Amendment. We also made Instructional Mats to walk new gun owners through the steps of how to maintain their firearms without the need for Google or YouTube. Even if you have been around guns your entire life there will always be a gun that you don’t know how to take apart. 

Maintaining your workspace is something that can often be overlooked. A few of us are lucky to have man caves or garages where we can work on our firearms. Most of us however have to clean our guns on the kitchen or coffee table and can’t afford to ruin the furniture because our spouse will kill us. This really is the number one reason to use a gun cleaning mat. Now the argument can be made, “well I can just use a towel or old rag.” Now, this is a true statement but a towel or rag will let oil and solvents go through it. A Cerus Gear mat soaks up those oil and solvents without it penetrating to the surface underneath the mat. It won’t matter if you spill a lot in one spot. 

Another reason for a gun cleaning mat is you can take it with you to the range. It easily rolls up into any range bag. All the hype these days is to find BLM land to go shooting at but there usually aren’t any benches at these ranges. You might only have the bed of your truck or the trunk of your car to fix or repair anything that breaks at the range. This is where having a gun cleaning mat at the range is useful. You can set it in the back of your truck or on the top of your trunk and take care of anything that you need to without ruining your car or truck.  All of our mats have a rubber backing on them so they won't slip either. It also works great if you need to sight in your rifle and you need something to go prone on. The other option is just to be a man and do it on the gravel but we both know you don’t want to ruin your Crye Pants you just paid $300 for.

Putting gun cleaning mat into a range bag

With over 200 different designs to choose from and 5 different sizes, you can find something that will work for you. We stand by the products that we make and sell so they are all backed by a lifetime warranty. Everyone should own a gun cleaning mat, even if you think you’re too good for one, we promise that once you try one you’ll never go back to anything else.