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TekMat Vs. Cerus Gear Mat Comparison

Posted by Cerus Team

TekMat Vs. Cerus Gear Mat Comparison

One of the most common questions we often ask is what makes us different from our competitors. There are quite a few gun cleaning mats, so we want to review some of those differences. While we take pride in our work, we will be as unbiased as we can. It has always been our goal to make sure our customers and followers have the highest level products on the market whether it is ours or someone else’s. We will be comparing a lot to TekMat because we get asked the most about the differences. 


At Cerus Gear we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products, not just our gun cleaning mats. If you are using your equipment the way it was intended we will always make sure you’re set up to have a successful range day. Our Customer Service team makes sure to answer any questions you have in less than 24 hours. TekMat also offers a lifetime warranty and we cannot speak about their customer service experience because we have not had any experience with it.

Quality of the Mat

A high-quality product makes your job that much easier. When it comes to durability you are looking at a similar life span on both a Cerus Mat and a TekMat but what really stands out is the feel of the mat. If you were to look at a Cerus Mat and a TekMat side by side they would look very similar. They have the same thickness and similar dimensions. The biggest difference is the feel, now this is all a personal preference but all of our mats are made from a high-quality polyester top. Our mats have a very smooth top but are squishy enough to make sure your parts don’t roll away. TekMat has a little more of a rough top that also doesn’t allow parts to roll away. 

You will see a difference in these polyester tops when it comes to the image quality on your mat. We believe that we have a higher-quality image on our product. The finer details really start to show themselves on our mats that can be lost on a rougher polyester. Now a rougher Polyester can have a longer lifetime but at the same time when you get a lifetime warranty does it really matter? Well that is something that you will have to decide for yourself. 

New Products and Releases

Cerus Gear has 196 different mat designs and we are always adding more. We are actually about to add more at the time of this blog post going live. It has always been our goal to listen to our customers and add the designs that you want to see the most. We are also adding more products than just mats to make sure you can shop everything you will need to take care of your firearms. We can’t and won’t speak for TekMat because we do not know what they are up to but one thing that we can speak on is that we will listen to your suggestions and do our best to make all the mats our customers want. 

What are you really getting? 

Simply put, you are getting a high quality gun cleaning mat that will help you clean, maintain, and understand your firearm. What you are really getting is a product that you can use to help teach the next generation of gun owners what responsible gun ownership looks like. As a group of people we often talk a lot about EDC, and what counts as a good fighting rifle and RECCE and the list can go on and on. Yes, these things are important and yes we should focus on them but don’t forget to teach them the basics.