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Military Support Handgun Mat

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Military Support Handgun Mat

$ 15.99 You Save: $-15.99 (100%)
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Introducing our Military Support Flag Gun Cleaning Mat - the perfect way to display your patriotic pride while caring for your firearm. This exceptional gun-cleaning mat not only provides a functional surface for maintaining your weapon, but it also stands as a symbol of unwavering support for our brave servicemen and women.

Featuring the iconic military support flag, this gun-cleaning mat allows you to honor your family, friends, and fellow countrymen who have served or are currently serving our great nation. By using this mat, you are making a bold statement of gratitude for the courageous sacrifices made by these heroes.

Embrace your patriotic spirit and show your unwavering support for our armed forces with this Military Support Flag Gun Cleaning Mat. This mat not only serves as a testament to your appreciation for their service but also ensures your firearm is well-maintained and ready for action. United we stand, and together, we honor our heroes.

•Lightweight, heavy-duty cleaning mats are the perfect addition to your armorer’s bench. 

• Other uses include a desk mat, workbench, tailgate cover, Auto maintenance, and anything else you can think of!

•Spacious 12” x 17” padded work area

•Non-slip textured rubber base protects your work surface 

•Constructed of 1/8" (3mm) vulcanized rubber with a soft heat-bonded polyester protects your firearm from scratches. 

•Dye sublimation printing won’t wear or rub off 

• Solvent and oil resistant 

•Lifetime Warranty 

Designed and printed in the USA!


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