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Glock® Instructional Gun Mat

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Glock® Instructional Gun Mat

$ 20.99 You Save: $-20.99 (100%)
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Master the intricacies of your Glock® with unparalleled confidence using the Glock® Gun Cleaning Mat by Cerus Gear. Designed to elevate your firearm understanding and maintenance, this mat provides comprehensive, step-by-step field strip instructions, one-to-one parts placement, and specific lubrication points.

With our Glock® Disassembly Instructional Mat, you don't just clean your firearm – you understand it. Every piece, every lubrication point is no longer a mystery. This understanding enhances not just your maintenance routine but also your confidence as a Glock® owner.

What sets this ProMat apart is its universality. Regardless of the model you own, the Glock® ProMat has you covered. Whether you have the classic Glock® 17 or the compact Glock® 26, or any other model in between, these instructions cater to ALL Glock® models.

Get to know your Glock® inside and out – invest in a Cerus Gear Glock® ProMat today. Witness the transformation of your Glock® maintenance routine and the confidence it brings. This is your first step to becoming a Glock® expert.

Note that these instructions will work with ALL Glock® models. This particular mat is sized after the Standard (full-sized) Glocks. Due to the uniformity of Glock® designs, this mat will work for slimline, subcompact, compact and competition-sized models as well. Such as 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 40, and 41.

•Lightweight, heavy-duty gun cleaning mats are the perfect addition to your armorer’s bench. 

•Spacious 12” x 27” padded work area

•Non-slip textured rubber base protects your work surface 

•Constructed of 1/8" (3mm) vulcanized rubber with a soft heat-bonded polyester protects your firearm from scratches. 

•Dye sublimation printing won’t wear or rub off 

• Solvent and oil resistant 

•Lifetime Warranty 

Designed and printed in the USA!


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