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FN Five-seveN® Schematic Handgun Mat

$ 15.99 You Save: $-15.99 (100%)

FN Five-seveN® Schematic Handgun Mat

$ 15.99 You Save: $-15.99 (100%)
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Introducing the FN Five-seveN® Gun Cleaning Mat  - a renowned firearm designed with home defense and concealed carry in mind. With decades of proven performance, ensuring proper care for your Five-seveN® is crucial to maintain its accuracy and functionality.

Designed to provide a reliable surface for cleaning and preservation, the Cerus ProMat ensures your firearm remains in optimal condition, ready to protect you and your loved ones.

Invest in the longevity and performance of your FN Five-seveN® with our Cerus Gun Cleaning Mat. Experience peace of mind knowing that your firearm is receiving the utmost care, preserving its precision and reliability for years to come. Trust the Cerus Gear for the ultimate care solution for your cherished FN Five-seveN®.

•Lightweight, heavy-duty cleaning mats are the perfect addition to your armorer’s bench.

• Other uses include a desk mat, workbench, tailgate cover, Auto maintenance, and anything else you can think of!

•Spacious 12” x 17” padded work area

•Non-slip textured rubber base protects your work surface

•Constructed of 1/8" (3mm) vulcanized rubber with a soft heat-bonded polyester protects your firearm from scratches.

•The dye sublimation printing of the FN 57® parts diagram mat won’t wear or rub off

• Solvent and oil resistant

•This FN Five-seveN parts diagram cleaning mat has a lifetime warranty.

Designed and printed in the USA!


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