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Commiefornia T-Shirt

$ 12.99 You Save: $-12.99 (100%)

Commiefornia T-Shirt

$ 12.99 You Save: $-12.99 (100%)
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No longer just a cleaning mat, now you can show off this new and improved, California complaint version of the state flag on a T-Shirt. Perfect for those in free states, or patriots behind enemy lines. 

This design reflects how the once great state of California has been maimed and neutered by politicians over the past years. The infringement on 2A rights is reflected in the dismembered "Bear Arms", the infringements on First Amendment rights are reflected by the taped mouth, and the communistic design reflect the terrible economic restrictions placed on the people of California.  

Show that you won't quietly stand by while your rights are infringed with this awesome shirt!

Fabric: 50% Polyester 50% Cotton

Color: White

Fit: Unisex Commiefornia flag shirt

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