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Factory Blowout Sale


Important Pre-Sale Information!!

You may have a few questions that we want to get answered. 

Q: What is a factory flawed ProMat?

A: A factory flawed ProMat is one that for one reason or another was not fit enough to be sent out with our normal orders. This could include misspellings, color problems, or mislabelled mats. Below are some examples of factory flawed ProMats.

Q: Do I get to choose which ProMat?

A: You will have the first pick of any factory flawed ProMat. We will not be uploading pictures of each ProMat however you can rest assured that you will be receiving the ProMat model you selected.

Q: How big of a sale is this?

A: We are practically giving these ProMats away. Depending on the specific product you may be receiving up to 75% OFF.

Q: When is the Pre-Sale?

A: The Pre-Sale will start on March 5th and end on the 8th.

The public sale will open up on the 9th.

Small Striations

You may not even be able to see most of the flaws.

Light Blemishes

Here is an example of the light blemishes that just didn't meet our standards.

Imperfect Prints

Sometimes the only problem is with the back of the ProMat.