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Handgun Mats

You should feel confident when it comes to gun cleaning and maintenance. Gun cleaning is sometimes a chore, but it doesn't have to be. Our gun cleaning mats are high-quality, competitively priced gun cleaning and maintenance mats that protect the cleaning surface while also protecting your gun's finish from unnecessary scratches and damage. All of our gun cleaning mats, which are available in a variety of sizes, are printed using dye sublimation printing, a process that ingrains colors deep in the material of the gun cleaning mat. 

This means our gun cleaning mats won't fade with time and use. Each of our gun cleaning mats, meaning our whole line of gun cleaning mats, are resistant to exposure to oil and solvents, provide a soft, protective, non-slip surface for cleaning your guns, and even come in a variety of inspirational and informational patterns. And you can have all our gun cleaning mats at reasonable prices! (Price is not the only factor, but price is always an important part of buying a gun cleaning mat.)

Exploded Views And Schematics To Help In Cleaning

Some of our most popular handgun cleaning mats have exploded views or schematics of a firearm. When you choose the exploded view or schematic that goes with your gun, you have a complete guide to field stripping, cleaning, and maintaining your gun, all right at your fingertips... and that image will NOT fade with time or exposure to oil or solvents. It's the perfect cleaning and maintenance solution for your gun.

Our Gun Cleaning Mats Offer A Generous, Non-Slip Work Area

Each of our lightweight, heavy-duty handgun cleaning mats are made of non-slip textured rubber for a stable, safe, convenient work surface. The 1/8" (3mm) vulcanized rubber is heat-bonded with polyester. This means every gun cleaning mat we produce is not just a great gun cleaning mat at a great price; it's also a safe, stable work area where you can clean and maintain your firearms in complete confidence. The non-slip base keeps everything in position and prevents scuffs, scratches, and other mistakes that come from abrupt handling.

Better yet, our gun cleaning mats come in a variety of sizes to fit any work area. If you want and need a LOT of space to clean your guns, we have the gun cleaning mat for you. And if your work area is more limited and you want to fit a mat in the available space where you clean and maintain firearms, you can choose a different gun cleaning mat size to suit your available space.  Each of our handgun cleaning mats is solvent- and oil-resistant, which protects your gun but also protects the cleaning surface under the mat.

Our Gun Cleaning Mats Aren't Just For Cleaning Guns

Each of our handgun cleaning mats also makes a great maintenance mat.  Your maintenance mat can be used for anything you want a non-slip surface to clean. It will protect the surface beneath it from oil, solvent, and other mess... which means that whether you're working on a kitchen table or an outdoor workbench, your gun cleaning mat is helping to protect your furniture. Use our gun cleaning mats any time you want a convenient way to protect the surrounding area while getting the job done.

Convenient For Cleaning Your Guns In The Field/At The Range

When you buy one of our gun cleaning mats at a great price, you're getting a gun cleaning mat that rolls up for easy, compact storage and transportation. Roll the gun cleaning matt up with the image side in for maximum protection (although our dye sublimation printing means our gun cleaning mats won't fade over time or with exposure to solvents and oils). You can clean the gun cleaning mat by hand with warm water and mild dish soap, then allow the gun cleaning mat to air dry. Nothing could be simpler or easier when it comes to gun cleaning than using one of our gun cleaning mats!

When you buy a gun cleaning mat from us, you're in good hands. Our goal is to make sure you have the right equipment to clean and maintain your firearms safely and efficiently (including a gun cleaning mat that is more than a gun cleaning mat). Our soft, non-slip, vulcanized rubber gun cleaning mats protect your gun, protect the cleaning surface underneath, and give you plenty of space to work. And if you select one of our schematic patterns, they even make handy reference material, all in a format that gives you plenty of space in which to clean and maintain your firearms.

There's no reason not to get your gun cleaning mat from us... and plenty of reasons (including our affordable prices) to get a gun mat that is the size and design you want, that will hold up to repeated use. Our vulcanized rubber, non-slip gun cleaning mats are solvent and oil resistant and quality printed using dye sublimation processes. They'll last a long time and look great doing it while serving you well!

We Are Not Just Gun Cleaning (But Yes, Gun Cleaning Too)

Cerus Gear was founded by shooters for shooters. We've always known that gun cleaning and maintenance mats can be better, so we set out to do just that. First, we make our gun cleaning mats in the USA and still keep them at an affordable price. Second, we wanted to make mats that are clear, beautiful, and easy to read. (We wanted you to be able to tell if you are looking at a rod or a spring, for example.)  Finally, we love our country and what our country was founded on. That patriotism and love of God and country is in the heart of each gun cleaning mat we make. We want to share that with you and unite to keep this country great!

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