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When you're cleaning and maintaining your Glock, Cerus Gear has you covered! Maintaining your gun is very important. That's what keeps your Glock (or any other gun) reliable, after all... even if it might seem like your Glock (Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3, Gen 4, and onward) never needs help. The Glock is one heck of a pistol, but it does need to be disassembled, cleaned, and maintained sometimes. 


That means you need a gun cleaning mat for your Glock... but not just ANY gun cleaning mat. Your gun is an important tool, so threat that gun to a Glock mat suitable for any Glock gen. We think you'll give it five starts once you've tried OUR Glock cleaning mat. 


Whether at your bench gun cleaning, on the go (and again, gun cleaning), or working on your gun in peace and quiet, you need a cleaning mat, a bench mat, or just about any gun cleaning mat for your gun that will protect both the gun and the surface beneath it. We manufacture a complete line of gun cleaning mats for the GLOCK and countless other guns (pistols, revolvers, and long guns). We make cleaning mats for any gun, but we especially love reliable guns like the Glock.


Our Glock gun cleaning mats include a variety of colors and patriotic designs so that you can express your personal, patriotic sense of style... all at an MSRP that we think you'll love.  That means more cash for guns and ammo!


The Cerus Gear ProMat Glock Cleaning Mat Difference

Plenty of other companies make gun cleaning mats and even Glock mats, but Cerus Gear's Glock mats have accurate, easy-to-read images that look incredible on any work bench. Your firearm deserves one of our Glock mats, without a doubt!
Cerus Gear is also committed to satisfaction. At a glance, one of our Glock mats and one of our competitors cleaning mats doesn't look a lot different. But our quality and our customer service make all the difference. You'll understand once you get your hands on one of our Glock mats for your gun!


In the time we've been in business, we have sold hundreds of thousands of gun mats (including Glock mats). Patriotic Americans like you LOVE Cerus gear. They know that we stand with them as fellow gun owners and supporters of your gun rights. 
We are patriots who support the Second Amendment and your gun rights. (Yes, we love guns as much as you love guns.) Choose one of our Glock cleaning mats knowing you're supporting a company that also supports your gun rights... and who loves Glocks as much as you do. Don't settle for a boring gun cleaning mat. Get one of our attractive, durable Glock mats for your workshop, office, den, garage, or anywhere you might want to disassemble and clean your Glock. 


The Perfect Glock Mat, Bench Mat, And Cleaning Surface At A Great Price

When it comes to guns, the Glock is one of the most popular handguns there is. It's not the only gun, though. You don't have to use our Glock mats for just Glocks! Our mats are great for all the many variations in the Glock product line, too, from a long-slide to a compact. 


Don't put your Glock on just any gun cleaning mat. You want a Glock mat that helps you with appropriate diagrams, if that's your thing, and you want art that is vibrant and easy to read. That makes our Glock schematic mats a sure thing. 


Choose from among any of our instructional Glock mats, which are cleaning mats with field-stripping instructions and 1:1 parts placement. Any company can sell you a cheap gun cleaning mat that will face with time. These foreign-made mats can't compare to our high-quality USA-made ProMats and Glock mats. 


Each gun cleaning ProMat we sell makes the process of cleaning and maintaining your Glock easier, at an MSRP that won't break the bank. Whether your Glock is a Gen 4, something newer, or one of the older generations of Glocks, we've got you covered. 


Our Glock Mats Will Last A LONG Time

Your Glock mat from Cerus gear won't fade or peel with use or the passage of time, either. We use a process called dye sublimation printing to make sure the colors will hold and the mat will be incredibly durable. This means that every mage is permanently embedded into the top layer of the cleaning mat. 


Your Cerus Gear Glock mat won't chip, peel, fade, or rub off. This is great for cleaning your Glock (or cleaning any other gun) because gun oils and solvents can be rough on many surfaces. A Glock mat from Cerus Gear protects both your gun and whatever's beneath the mat. It's a great solution for any gun owner. 


Your Glock mat isn't just a gun mat, either. It's not  just for firearms at all, in other words! Your Glock mat can be used anywhere, on any work surface, that you'd like to protect.


Cerus Gear: By Patriots, For Patriots

Cerus Gear was founded by shooters for shooters. We looked at the Glock mats on the market  and decided that we could produce a better product... so we did. 
Our ProMats are made in the USA at reasonable prices. Every one of our Glock mats is accurate, easy to read, and durable. When you're following one of our schematic Glock cleaning mats, for example, you never have to worry about not being able to tell which part is which! 


Most Cerus Gear loves America and the Constitution that protects its citizens' rights. Don't buy just any Glock mat. Buy from a manufacturer who truly loves this nation, supports your gun rights, and shares your love of our country. We love America... and we think you'll love our products.