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AR-15 Instructional Rifle ProMat

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AR-15 Schematic Rifle ProMat

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AR-15 Instructional Magnum XXL ProMat

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AR-15 Schematic Magnum XXL ProMat

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AR-15 Shadow Board Magnum XXL ProMat

Cerus Gear wants you to feel confident while cleaning and maintaining your AR-15. Gun cleaning is very important, as cleaning your gun helps keep it reliable. Whether at your bench or on the go, you need a bench mat for your gun that will protect both the gun and the surface beneath it. We manufacture a complete line of gun cleaning mats for the AR-15 and countless other variants. AR-15 gun cleaning mats in our line-up include color variations and patriotic designs to express your personal sense of style -- all at a price that leaves plenty of cash for more ammo. 
You may have seen AR-15 gun cleaning mats by other companies, but Cerus Gear  cleaning mats have accurate, easy to read images. They also look wicked awesome on any work bench, table, or desktop they protect. 
Then there's our commitment to customer satisfaction. We keep our prices low, but we never let that affect how we treat our customers. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a competitor's cleaning mat or bench mat and one of our ProMat cleaning mats just by looking at a picture on the Internet, but we guarantee that you'll be happy with our gun cleaning mats. 
We have sold hundreds of thousands of gun cleaning mats. Your fellow patriots have spoken: They love our company, and they buy with confidence knowing that we stand with them. We're not just about cleaning mats; we're patriots who support the Second Amendment and your gun rights. 
That's truly what sets our AR-15 gun cleaning mats apart from the competition. Choose one of our gun cleaning mats knowing you're supporting a company that also supports your gun rights. A cleaning mat doesn't have to be boring, either. Our AR-15 mats will improve the look of any workshop, den, office... or anywhere else you clean your AR-15.


The Perfect AR 15 Gun Cleaning Mat, Bench Mat, And Cleaning Surface At A Great Price

The AR-15 is the most popular long gun in the United States, but it isn't the only one. Our gun cleaning mats come in multiple sizes so you can get the perfect cleaning mat for you. Do you have an AR-15 pistol? No problem. Do you have a competition AR-15 tack driver? Again, no problem. 
Don't trust your AR-15 to just any cleaning mat. You want a cleaning mat that helps you get the job done, yes, but you also want a quality gun cleaning mat that will protect your furniture or workbench.  
And if you'd like help as you work, our schematic gun cleaning mats show you each and every part in your firearm. Or choose from one of our Instructional ProMats, which are cleaning mats with field-stripping instructions and 1:1 parts placement.
Anyone can sell you a cheap gun cleaning mat that will face with time. These foreign-made mats can't compare to our high-quality USA-made ProMats. Each gun cleaning mat we sell makes the process of cleaning and maintaining your AR-15 that much easier (and a great price) -- and your AR-15 cleaning mat from Cerus Gear won't fade or peel with time and use!


Not Just An AR-15 Bench Mat (And Even Just For Guns)

Our ProMat gun cleaning mats aren't just cleaning mats.  You can use them anywhere you want to protect your work surface. Put a gun cleaning mat on the top of your toolbox, or use your gun cleaning mat as a maintenance mat for your vehicles. For example, your AR-15 mat could protect the tailgate of your truck while you shoot from the bed.
Our ProMat cleaning mats sized for the AR-15 give you plenty of workspace... but be warned, these are anything but politically correct. Each AR-15 mat we sell makes a statement about your gun rights and your patriotism. You can't beat our AR-15 mats for the price, and especially for the quality. Your AR-15 deserves a high-quality, patriotic mat manufactured right here in the United States!


Our AR-15 Mats Don't Fade Or Wear Off 

Cerus Gear uses a process called dye sublimation printing for our AR-15 mats. This means that every image is permanently embedded into the top layer of the cleaning mat Every AR-15 cleaning mat we sell is permanently changed by this process. This means it will never chip, wipe off, peel away, or otherwise rub off.  It's the perfect solution for an AR-15 cleaning mat, because the types of solvents and gun oils you'll use to maintain your AR-15 won't hurt the mat (and therefore, won't hurt whatever surface it's protecting). 


Not Just Cleaning Mats For Your AR-15

Cerus Gear was founded by shooters for shooters. We looked at the cleaning mats on the market (for the AR-15 specifically, and for firearms in general) and decided that we could produce a better product... so we did. 
Our ProMats are made in the USA, and we keep the price of every cleaning mat we sell affordable (all while maintaining the highest quality standards). Our AR-15 cleaning mats are accurate, easy to read, and durable.  When you're following one of our schematic cleaning mats, for example, you never have to worry about not being able to tell which part is which!
Most importantly, we love our country, and we respect the Constitution that protects its citizens rights. Don't buy just any cleaning mat for your AR-15. Buy from a country whose patriotism and love of God and country are part of everything we do. Keep this nation great and shop with a company that respects you as much as we love America.