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The Benefits of Cerus Gear Targets

Posted by Cerus Team

The Benefits of Cerus Gear Targets

These days you can find a target with just about anything on it. While these targets can be a lot of fun they don’t always provide training value. Don’t get us wrong though, if you aren’t having fun at the range then you’re doing it wrong. That’s why we sell targets, to provide a selection of fun and useful training aids without all of the hassle. 

You can break our targets up into a couple different categories. Sighting, Training, and Fun. Let’s start off with our line of sighting targets. We sell a lot of different sighting targets. So if you need to sight in your pistol red dot with our 20 Yard Grouping Target, or if you are looking to test different loads with our Scope Tracking & Load Validation Target, or anything in between we got you covered. We love these targets because you can use the same target more than once. So even if you are buying a 10-Pack you are really getting almost 60 targets that you can use to sight in your firearms.

Now let’s talk training targets. We have 4 targets that we like and use for training pretty often. One of the biggest things that we look for in a target is a way to gather data from our shooting. Sure, you can throw up a B8 target and get some training but having a silhouette target will get you to where you want to be faster. The other option that we have is our Shooter Correction Target. It will help you understand why you are missing and give you instant feedback. It’s perfect for new shooters or if you are going through a rut. Training is important so get targets that help you push to new levels. 

Lastly, we do sell a game target but all of our targets can be used for a friendly competition. It just depends on how creative you want to get with it. We sell our Poker Target, so now you can play poker and shoot your guns! There are a lot of different ways you can use this target so let us know what your favorite way is!

We take pride in our targets because we know they help you feel more prepared after each range day. If you are looking to make your range day better or just want to try something new then click on the link to shop all of our targets today! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook when you try them out!